REDMUD Summer School 29-31 August 2016 in Leuven, Belgium

REDMUD Summer School

 From Bauxite to Aluminium

The aim of this Summer School is to bring 50-60 PhD students and postdocs together to learn and discuss about the Production of aluminium and the zero-waste valorisation of bauxite residue (red mud). The summer school consists of 12 lectures (60 min lecture + 30 min of Q&A). The lecturers are world class experts.



  1. Early history of aluminium production
  2. Geology and mineralogy of bauxite deposits
  3. Bayer process
  4. Hall-Héroult process
  5. Aluminium alloys and their applications
  6. Recycling of aluminium metal
  7. Scandium and other REEs
  8. Recovery of metals from BR
  9. Cementitious binders with BR
  10. Inorganic polymers
  11. Sustainability assessment
  12. Bauxite residue valorisation: successes and failures